Frequently Asked Questions

The PA system you need depends on how you intend to use it, how many people it will need to cater for, and/or the size of the venue.

5 – 10 watts per person is a common rule of thumb.

It is also worth noting that the wattage does not always determine the number of people it will be suitable for. Subwoofers included in a system only increases the loudness of the ‘low end’ or ‘bass’ of the sound.

Most of our speakers are active. This means they have the amps built in, so you won’t require any additional or stand-alone amplifiers.

If you’re hiring passive speakers then you will require a separate amp.

PA Hire Liverpool does not currently provide tannoy style systems.

A large PA system or multiple-speaker set up maybe be an appropriate substitute for this if your event is for 500 people or less.

Yes, although you will need to check with your generator supplier that it is suitable for powering sensitive electrical equipment, such as PA systems.

This is different from a generator designed to power less sensitive electrical equipment, such as power tools and bouncy castles.

No, we do not currently provide generators.

You can power our equipment from appropriate generators (see the previous question).

Yes, you will need to hire a small mixer along with the speakers.

You can plug your ipod, laptop, cd player etc into the mixer to control the audio signal to the PA System.

Yes, we supply all the necessary leads, power supplies and accessories (such as stands) free of charge.

Please notify us of any special requirements, e.g. if you require 20m long leads.

It depends on the particular PA system or package.

Customers do not always require a mixer, so they are only included in some of our pre-set PA systems.

You can always add a mixer to your order or enquire about a bespoke package.

You will need a mixer with enough channels to accommodate all of the instruments, mics, devices etc that you wish to make audible through the PA system.

Please note that not all of the channels on a mixer will have pre-amps. These are necessary to boost the input signal from an instrument or microphone).

We recommend that you check the mixer you’re hiring will be suitable by checking the technical specifications or getting in touch.

Some of our mixers have built-in effects units, others do not. You will need to check the technical specifications of the mixer.

If the mixer you would like to hire does not have built-in effects, but you would like effects, then you can hire separate outboard effects units.

Our lighting products fit into three categories:

  • Stage lighting (par cans)
  • Disco lighting (scanners, gobos, moonflowers)
  • Rave lighting (smoke, lasers, strobe, UV)

We are happy to make recommendations to help you choose the right lighting and effects for your event.

A wet hire means that the equipment hired will be supplied WITH a technician.

Dry hire means that it is supplied WITHOUT a technician.

All of the prices listed are for DRY hires. For a wet hire, the price stays the same but you also hire a technician at an hourly rate.

If you book your order for delivery then we will set up and sound check the equipment for you free of charge.

If you book your equipment for a wet hire the answer is no, because the technician will.

If it is for a dry hire then the answer is yes.

If you book the equipment for a dry hire with delivery then we will set up and sound check the equipment, as well as demonstrating how to operate it. Our setups usually mean that this is minimal and anyone can do it.

Yes, this is frequently done and rarely a problem.

Should the collaboration of different equipment be an issue then we will do our best to help, but cannot be held liable for damages arising from improper use.

Please read our terms and conditions for more information.

Yes, we supply audio and lighting equipment for most uses, including house parties.

Our delivery service is available anywhere within a 30 mile radius of Liverpool.

For more information please see ‘delivery’ on the ‘how it works’ page.

Yes, we will provide the address and allocated time of your collection when we confirm your order.

Yes, a qualified and experienced technician can be added to your order. Please email or enquire for rates.

In most cases, yes.

We can provide you with a single or multi-track recording of your event, un-edited or fully produced.

Please email us with more details of your requirements for options and pricing.

This rarely happens as we take every precaution to prevent it and we only provide high quality, reliable equipment.

If something does go wrong then it is most likely that the equipment is being operated incorrectly.

Once the hire is over we will review what went wrong and if it was not your fault then you will be compensated.

If you have damaged the equipment through improper use then we will recover the cost of repairs through part, or all of your deposit as required. You will be notified before this happens.

Please view our hire terms and conditions for more info.

Yes, we can provide discounted rates in special circumstances.

This can include extra short or extended hire periods, as well as block bookings for repeat custom.

Please enquire as discounts are negotiated on an individual basis.

You can book a year ahead or at the very last minute.

The sooner you book it the better chance you have that the equipment and services will be available.

Complete a ‘Get a Price’ form or email us with your specifications.

For more information see the ‘How it Works’ page.

Once you have been quoted a price and availability you can confirm the order by replying to the email.

We do not charge a booking fee. For more information see the ‘How it Works’ page.

Yes, our prices are all inclusive of VAT.

No, we do not supply the entertainment, just the equipment!

Have a question that we didn’t answer? Get in touch.

Drop us an email or complete the ‘Get a Price’ form for free, professional advice.

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