Guitar Amps / Bass Amps / Drum Kits

We have a wide selection of amps and drum kits for your backline.

Available to hire at fantastic rates, all of our equipment is quality assured, well maintained and popular with professional musicians.

If there’s anything you’re looking for not listed here then get in touch to see if we can help.

Guitar AmpsOvernight Hire Price
Roland JC120£30
Fender Twin Reverb£25
Marshall Valvestate S80£20
Vox AC30 (2)£25
Line 6 Flextone 3 (2)£20
Peavey Bandit 12£15
Peavey ValveKing II 100W Tube Guitar Head£15
Marshall MG100HDFX Head£15
Marshall MG412A - 4x12'' 120w£15
Bass AmpsOvernight Hire Price
Ampeg SVT-VR Head£30
Ampeg SVT-810 AV – 8x10 Cab£30
Ampeg 410 Heritage£20
Fender Bassman£25
Hartke Transporter 410Tp 300w 4x10 (2)£30
Ashdown Mag 500£25
Ampeg B2RE Head£15
Orange 15” Bass Cab£15
Drum KitsOvernight Hire Price
Tama Superstar (White/Maple) £60
Pearl Export (Red)£50
Yamaha Power V£50
Tama Swingstar (Black)£50
Tama Imperial Star (Black)£40

We also stock a great selection of instruments, percussion, guitar, keyboards, music stands, drum heads… even guitar strings!

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